1763: Canaletto is finally recognized for his Art

Acceptation to the Accademia Veneziana di Pittura e Scultura

On September 11, 1763 Canaletto is finally recognized as a "Professore di Architettura e Prospettiva dell'Accademia" (Architecture and Perspective Professor), with the help of Antonio Visentini, colleague and friend.

On a first analysis and vote on January 16 he had been rejected, though.

And the painting representing final project will be only be delivered two years later, hence the fact the "Prospettiva com Portico" is known as having been made in 1765, the date 1765 being written on the canvas back as a confirmation.

The image and the atmosphere of the painting were an immediate success, and several painter made a copy of it.

In 1777 the painting was also displayed in St. Mark's Square with all honors during the Ascension Day Festivities: Canaletto is finally being recognized for his Art, and for the good he has been doing showing how Venice is beautiful to the rest of the known world.

And also in 1763 he will be appointed as prior of the Collegio dei Pittori, which at the time would meet in the Scuola di San Domenico in the cloister of San Giovanni e Paolo in Venice.

Canaletto:  [1765] - Prospettiva con Portico (Perspective view with Portico) - Oil on canvas - Gallerie Accademia, Venezia
Canaletto: [1765] - "Prospettiva con Portico" (Perspective view with Portico)
Oil on canvas - Gallerie Accademia, Venezia - size (HxW): 131x93 cm

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